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Why Choose a Microsoft-Based Intranet?


Nithya Rachel

Why Choose a Microsoft-Based Intranet?

In today’s digital landscape, the deluge of notifications from messaging apps and emails create a constant, unrelenting buzz. As a result, it’s easy for crucial messages to get lost in the shuffle. 

Fostering a workplace that keeps employees informed, engaged, and motivated may seem like scaling a mountain. Yet, within this dynamic challenge lies an exciting opportunity to cultivate a thriving and connected office culture.  

The 2023 Microsoft Work Trend Index paints a picture of why information overload is a significant challenge for modern employees. According to the report, 62% of employees report spending valuable time daily sifting through digital noise to find what they need, while 68% wish for uninterrupted focus time.  

If your employees are already accustomed to Microsoft products, embracing a Microsoft-based intranet is a smart choice for creating a sense of calm and focus amidst digital chaos. A Microsoft-based intranet not only maximizes adoption of the applications you’re already paying for, but can seamlessly blend with existing workflows, offer robust security, compliance, and scalability, making it a natural choice for smooth operations for organizations immersed in the Microsoft ecosystem.

7 Reasons to Choose a Microsoft-Based Intranet

1. Integration with Microsoft 365

With a Microsoft-based intranet, employees don’t need to switch between different platforms or learn new software. Employees can access and edit documents, collaborate on projects, and share information directly from the familiar Microsoft 365 environment. A marketing team could, for example, draft campaign documents in Microsoft Word, share them with colleagues in SharePoint, discuss revisions in Teams, and then keep everyone informed of the campaigns through intranet news updates. This integration eliminates platform switching, reduces errors, and drives results.

2. Robust Security

Microsoft-based intranets prioritize data security. Built-in features like multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and threat detection actively shield your information. Continuous security updates, meanwhile, ensure a constant vigilance against evolving threats. 

Unlike other SaaS-based systems that scatter data across servers, one of the primary advantages of implementing a SharePoint-based intranet is that your data remains  secure within your familiar Microsoft 365 tenant. This centralized approach minimizes the risk of data breaches and simplifies data management. 

3. Active Directory Integration

Microsoft-based intranets are built on the foundation of Active Directory. This ensures secure and efficient collaboration. 

Any user accounts, user permissions, and security policies defined in Active Directory automatically apply within the intranet. This process eliminates the need for duplicate user management. Active Directory integration also enables single sign-on (SSO), meaning users only need to log in once to access both the intranet and other Microsoft applications.

4. Customizable Workflows

Microsoft-based intranets like PeopleOne transform how businesses manage daily tasks by seamlessly integrating with Power Automate, granting organizations the power to tailor their workflows.  

Yet, the versatility goes beyond Power Automate. A robust, modern intranet like PeopleOne can integrate third-party apps like CRM, HRMS, and project management tools, allowing businesses to seamlessly blend diverse applications into their workflows. By bringing all the tools and information employees need into one personalized dashboard, you can empower teams by freeing up time for more strategic work.

5. Scalability

A Microsoft-based intranet excels in scalability, making it an ideal choice for growing organizations. As employee headcount and data volume increase, SharePoint Online’s flexible architecture allows for the effortless creation and integration of new sites, teams, and functions. During mergers and acquisitions, for example, this scalability makes Microsoft-based intranets a reliable employee engagement, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing platform for organizations navigating growth or significant changes. 

6. Document Management and Enterprise Search

When it comes to document management, Microsoft-based intranets stand out in crucial areas: storage, version control, and retrieval. Documents are securely stored within your infrastructure, accessible to authorized users ensuring a finely tuned level of security. Powerful enterprise search capabilities allow users to quickly locate relevant documents. Granular version control provides audit trails and supports offline editing with automatic version syncing. This feature tracks any document changes while synching updates across access points.

7. Mobile Compatibility

Microsoft-based intranets aren’t just bound to the office anymore. Frontline workers can use a modern intranet like PeopleOne to instantly access crucial documents, collaborate with colleagues, and receive company updates all on their smartphones or tablets. 

With a Microsoft-based intranet, employees can make informed decisions in real-time, and update their project status even when offline. After any update, that new data synchronizes when an online connection is restored. 


Beyond these seven reasons, choosing a Microsoft-based intranet unlocks access to a vast user community. You will have little trouble finding valuable resources, forums, and documentation for effective troubleshooting or know-how.

PeopleOne – A Robust, Ready-to-Go Microsoft-Based Intranet

The advantages of hosting your intranet on the Microsoft SharePoint platform are numerous. Choosing a tried-and-tested, Microsoft-based intranet is ideal for organizations already using MS365. PeopleOne, our Microsoft-based intranet, comes fully equipped with all the essentials to enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and elevate communication without the hassle of extended setup. Talk to our experts to experience the power of Microsoft and PeopleOne in action.

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