Centralized Knowledge Management

Collective Knowledge in One Place

Create a centralized repository of all organizational knowledge. People can easily access, manage and retrieve content, ensuring smooth execution with collective wisdom

Connect with the Right People

People Directory that allows you to quickly access your employee profiles based on designation, location and skills. What’s more, configure your employee profiles as per your Corporate policies and needs

Manage Documents. The Easy Way

Access files across multiple document libraries and Microsoft Teams channels. PeopleOne acts as a centralized system that provides complete access to everyday work information

Quick Link to Apps

Quick Navigation to a multitude of internal and third party apps. Seamlessly access your Native third-party apps using PeopleOne Mobile application

Look up Featured Documents

Enable ease of access to collaterals, policies, templates and checklists. Provide better visibility to documents and files that are essential for your employees

Manage Frequently Asked Questions

Create simple and comprehensive FAQs to cater to the needs of audiences. Guide your new hires and experienced hands alike, with clarity and concise information across categories.

Find the right information

Deploy an organization-wide search that can help your employees find whatever they are looking for when they need it, whether it a document or a colleague

Discover how PeopleOne can transform
your organization