Centralized Knowledge Management

Collective Knowledge in One Place

House all organizational knowledge in a central repository. Easy access to files and content allows your people to focus on execution.

Discover Your Community

Easily browse a “people directory” that segments employee profiles based on designation, location, and skills. Configure employee profiles as needed to cultivate connections and build rapport across your workforce.

Effortless Document Management

Access files across multiple document libraries and channels, allowing your people to get what they need anytime, anywhere.

App Usage Simplified

Navigate to a variety of internal and third-party apps with ease. The PeopleOne mobile platform makes it quick and convenient to access apps on the go.

Explore Featured Documents

Collateral, policies, templates and more – all at your fingertips. Maximize visibility of essential documents and files so your people can efficiently locate the resources they need.

Address Common Concerns

Create a centralized, organized, and comprehensive FAQ section where your people can find answers to common questions.

Simplify Your Search

A powerful organization-wide search can help your employees find information with speed and accuracy, whether it’s a document or a discussion.

Discover how PeopleOne can transform
your organization