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Make smarter, faster decisions based on real-time data from onsite projects. Easily enhance staff communication, involvement, and information sharing.

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Productivity Everywhere

Streamline project workflows, improve collaboration, information sharing and reduce delays in decision-making. Leverage PeopleOne and allow teams to reach their goals faster and with greater efficiency. 

Seamless Communication & Employee Engagement

Bridge the communication gap between your field and desk workers and ensure smooth, efficient business operations. Create a sense of community and make every member of your team feel heard and valued with discussion forums, rewards & recognition programs. 

Construction Safety Management

Proactively make construction sites safer and compliant-ready by allowing crew members to take charge of their safety and document hazards and workplace difficulties. Create policies and procedures for employees to follow through and provide safety training. 


Multi-lingual Support

Overcome language barriers while communicating with non-native employees. Encourage communication in an alternative language when necessary and assist understanding by including training images and videos. 


Mobility & Visibility

Empower crew members, contractors and other stakeholders to access and share information in real-time, have a more transparent view of projects and identify potential delays early on.

Centralized Knowledge Management

Share and retrieve files from document libraries and channels within Microsoft Teams. Allow your teams to quickly access the information they need to complete work, whether on the field or at the desk, build on each other’s ideas and solve problems.

Frictionless Project collaboration & Contract management

Collaborate with contractors in real-time with PeopleOne. Maintain a dashboard of all contracts, attach notes, add comments. Retrieve key information like value of contract, payment terms, details of the bid and penalty clauses even while onthego. 

Intelligent Invoice Management & Productivity Tracking

Eliminate the guesswork in payroll processing by allowing your field workers to record production entries in real-time. Estimate project completion time and resource utilization by tracking micro level details like quantity and counts. 

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