Level-Up your Internal Communication

Reach out to your entire workforce with up to date, insightful and targeted content. Desk and frontline workers can confidently access the right information in the right channels

Manage Content like a Pro

Create and manage rich content with absolute ease, using our next-gen CMS. Publishing content using PeopleONE is as easy as sending an email. What’s more, it’s versatile, far-reaching and well catalogued

A Voice for EveryONE

Engage employees in big and small ways. Help them to participate in discussions, contribute articles, share opinions, make everyone’s voice heard through likes & comments

Right People, Right Content

Create and publish content to targeted groups and departments. Reach anyone from desk to frontline workers

Communicate on the Go

Maximize your reach with a Mobile Intranet App that connects your employees on the go. Native Mobile experience for your employees to connect and engage

Reduce Email

Give Corporate Communication the importance it deserves and reduce email clutter. Unified platform for your employees to access date-lined information

Timely Notifications

Never miss important Corporate Communications. Push Notifications & Alerts to keep you instantly informed anywhere anytime

Discover how PeopleONE can transform
your organization