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The Definitive Guide For Successful Intranet Implementation

Intranets have been around for decades. However, as the modern workplace expands beyond physical boundaries, a newfound need for intranets has surfaced. According to a survey, 85% of businesses have some form of intranet or employee portal, and 75% believe they are important.

An intranet facilitates communication and collaboration between management and employees. Leadership can ensure that the latest updates in corporate, customer, and competitive information have been disseminated to employees, regardless of time or location. Conversely, employees have the ability to voice concerns or contribute to the conversation. All of this is made possible only with proper intranet setup.

A skillfully deployed intranet system can optimize an organization’s employee engagement and productivity levels. Download the e-book now to learn more about successful intranet implementation.

This e-book will discuss:  

  • Why Should Businesses Use Intranets? 
  • Planning Steps for a Successful Intranet Implementation. 
  • Best Practices for Successful Implementation. 

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