Employee Intranet to Connect Teams

An Intranet platform that aligns with IT

Your IT Team can check all the boxes of security, privacy and scalability using PeopleOne. Intranet that has been designed to simplify the IT management aspects

Leverage the Microsoft 365 + SharePoint advantage

PeopleOne helps you maximize the returns on your Microsoft investment. The Modern Intranet runs on SharePoint platform known for its robust permission control and secure sign-in support.

Simplify your Workforce IT experience

Faster access to collaboration tools, applications and resources. PeopleOne provides single pane experience for your employees to get work done seamlessly.

Scalable & Secure

Built on Microsoft 365, data is stored in the tenant owned and managed by your Organization. Rest assured your content is within your secured network unlike other SaaS based systems which manage your data

Trustable Native Apps

Our Native Apps built on Android & iOS use Microsoft standard APIs to connect and transfer data. Your frontline workers require AD based authentication to enjoy the platform’s benefit making it equally secured

See how a modern digital workplace can
transform your organization