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With increasing emphasis placed on renewable energy and carbon neutrality, now is the time to redefine your company culture, centralize organization-wide knowledge, and optimize workflows. Leverage PeopleOne to drive productivity, enhance internal communication, upgrade information sharing practices, unite your workforce around company values, and spearhead the transition into a sustainable future.

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Unite a Dispersed Workforce

Connect employees across departments, locations, shifts, and time zones. Give field workers access to key information and channels of communication with leadership. As an HR or communications rep, disseminate critical updates and company news to your workforce.

Boost Efficiency with Real-Time Updates

Relay critical updates using push notifications to notify your entire workforce, or select teams, departments, or locations. Ensure your teams stay on top of equipment failures, maintenance updates, energy policies, regulatory compliance deadlines, safety issues, shift changes, and more. Optionally, activate read receipts to confirm that messages have been received.

Overcome Information Silos

Simple, easy-to-access document management improves productivity within your organization. Securely store and manage documents such as SOPs, project plans, facility information, training materials, HSE documentation, and more in a centralized place. 

Mobile Access

Make it easy for employees to stay connected and productive, even while working from remote locations. Organizational news, requirements, and critical updates can be delivered straight to your workers’ mobile devices. Simplify access to essential information such as energy policies, environmental regulations, and waste reduction strategies. Empower your team to manage tasks, collaborate with colleagues, and analyze data on the go.

Enrich Company Culture

By encouraging idea-sharing across teams and locations, PeopleOne fosters a sense of belonging and connection. Build a robust, congruent culture even with a remote workforce.

Simplify Workflows with Automation

Boost business performance by automating repetitive tasks and streamlining back-office operations like inventory tracking, stock replenishment, and asset management. Empower your employees to submit maintenance requests, voice HSE concerns, and generate regular reports on energy usage, production efficiency, and financial performance.

Make Learning Accessible

Easy onboarding and continuous learning opportunities ensure that your teams never stop developing new skills or lose their sense of curiosity. Completing required training is now simple and convenient from any location.

Integrate Business Apps

Enhance efficiency by connecting your most-used apps into PeopleOne. Housing all essential tools in one workplace allows your staff to work without the distraction of constantly switching applications.

Multilingual Support

Cultivate an inclusive atmosphere by encouraging non-native speakers to express themselves in their preferred language. Enhance cross-cultural collaboration and improve understanding between teams by encouraging employees to communicate with images and videos in addition to text.

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