Intranet Platform for Banks, Credit Unions & Financial Institutions

Fortify Internal Communication & Align Teams

Transform how your organization communicates and shares information internally, boost employee morale, and stay ahead of the competition in the rapidly changing financial landscape.

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Break Down Information Silos

Promote collaboration and enable quick information sharing in a centralized knowledge management system.

Keep Staff Updated in Real-Time

Push notifications keep teams caught up on important information like compliance guidelines, changes to interest rates, or updates to company policies. Priority announcements keep your workforce accountable by requiring acknowledgements for mission-critical updates

Engage & Encourage Staff

Define a culture of feedback and trust with PeopleOne. Engage your workforce by encouraging employees to share opinions and ideas on discussion forums and polls. Use positive reinforcement by recognizing and rewarding employee accomplishments

Simplify Workflows with Automation

Improve business performance by automating repetitive tasks and simplifying back-office operations. Reduce manual errors by automating processes such as invoice processing, accounts payable, employee onboarding, and timesheet tracking

Integrate Business Apps

Boost productivity by connecting your most-used software into PeopleOne. With core tools in one digital workplace, your staff can work efficiently

Permission-Based Governance & Enhanced Security

Safeguard sensitive business information with role-based access control, strong governance functionality, and enhanced security features like multi-factor authentication. Built on Microsoft 365, PeopleOne ensures that data is securely stored in your organization’s tenant.

Multilingual Support

Unite teams by removing language barriers. Encourage non-native speakers to share ideas in their own language. Communicate beyond just words and train employees from diverse backgrounds by uploading pictures and videos

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