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Stay agile and adaptable in the Industry 4.0 era with PeopleOne. Bring together your distributed workforce and achieve efficiency by eliminating team silos, streamlining internal communication and building a positive work culture. Leverage PeopleOne, our modern intranet platform, to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of work.

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Mobile-Empowered Frontline Workers

Put the power of information in the hands of your frontline workers with PeopleOne. Keep frontline workers informed about company updates, policy changes, safety guidelines, and other important announcements. Empower them to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and manage business documents in real-time.

Send Instant Notifications

Send company-wide announcements and notifications to target groups about safety protocol updates, production or staffing changes, and more. Ensure employee awareness of critical changes and compliance by requesting acknowledgments when your employees read an update.

Achieve Excellence with Centralized Knowledge

Prevent the loss of knowledge when employees leave by capturing your key information in a centralized knowledge repository. Onboard new employees effectively by creating a space in the repository where they can access process documents, best practices, and other relevant data to learn about your organization’s operations and get up to speed more quickly.

Permission-Based Governance and Enhanced Security

Protect your organization’s intellectual property with role-based access to business documents and enhanced security features like multi-factor authentication. Govern third-party business tools by integrating them into your digital workplace using customizable widgets.

Reimagine Workplace Collaboration

Champion an environment of collaboration by bringing cross-functional teams like engineering and production together in a unified platform, share insights and learn from each other. Build a culture of innovation by encouraging employees of all departments to think creatively about improving products and business operations.

Transform Company Culture

Leverage discussion forums, surveys, and polls on PeopleOne to engage employees and gather employee feedback. Celebrate employee accomplishments with rewards and recognition programs, share messages from leadership, and create a more supportive workplace culture.

Multilingual Support

Create a more inclusive and positive culture by giving employees of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds the freedom to express themselves on discussion forums in their own native language. Make every employee feel heard, understood, and valued by creating a dedicated space for your workforce to engage and actively participate in conversations.

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