Reach Your Enterprise Employees Faster

Create Engaging Employee Experiences

Connect, Engage, share Knowledge and cultivate a positive and inclusive work culture that contributes to smarter, more-efficient and better connected workforce

Empower your Employees

Allow your workforce to communicate and collaborate better at every organizational level. Provide avenues for everyone to discuss in transparent and comfortable way

Enable Remote Work

Offer your employees easy access to tools, colleagues and company knowledge in one centralized platform, securely available from anywhere, on any device. Enable effective HR communication for employees to feel connected

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Centralize all Organization announcements in your Intranet, so you can ensure people understand what’s happening. Target your communications across shifts, locations and devices

Information Dissemination

Enable employees to self-serve and access important HR policies and documents from wherever they are making them more informed. Remove the clutter and provide a more organized workplace that enables easy navigation.

Gather Valuable Feedback

Set up quick surveys and polls on a simple & intuitive interface to get instantaneous feedback from your employees.

Strengthen your Brand

Foster a workplace culture that mirrors company values, recognizes & rewards employee contributions, encourages open discussions/ideation and promotes employee happiness with effective HR and internal communications.

Revolutionize your organization's HR communication
with PeopleOne.