Corporate Intranet for Better Communications

Communicate to the right people at the right time

Reach your target audience quickly and efficiently wherever they are. Our intuitive CMS allows to create and publish rich content that drives employee engagement

Designated spots to consume content

No more dependency on emails as the principal mode of communication. Group your content in different panels to communicate the right way

Easy to use CMS

Create, publish and manage content with ease using our next-gen publishing tools. Focus more on creative, workable content rather than figuring out technical complexities

Flexible yet intuitive Permissions

Define who your content owners and editors are. Easy permission management to ensure right viewers and publishers for all your communications

Boost employee participation

Deliver rich multimedia content that improves consumption and drives engagement. Direct, peer and group models of engagement encourage employees to participate with better involvement

Reach your Frontline / Remote workers

Reach your employees wherever they are using our Native Mobile Applications built for Android & iOS. Corporate internal communication is now within your palm

Notifications on the go

Push Notifications to Mobile and Desktop consumers. Ensure no communications go unnoticed. Reach your employees as soon as you publish

Discover how PeopleOne can transform your
corporate communication