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Guide to Engaging Your Frontline Workers in 2022 and Beyond

Frontline workers are undoubtedly the heart of any organization’s operations. But despite their crucial roles, these brand ambassadors (frontline employees) are the least engaged. Out of the 2 billion frontline workers worldwide, only 13% of them are enthusiastic about their jobs.  

Frontline workers do not receive the same level of attention as their office-bound colleagues when it comes to employee engagement and experience. Organizations must understand that the benefits of engaging frontline workers are ubiquitous. With that being said, immediate steps to engage, motivate, and build employee morale must be taken. 

Download the eBook to learn how an internal communication platform can boost employee engagement for frontline workers where they can feel included, productive and engaged. 

This e-book will touch upon: 

  • The pandemic challenges frontline workers faced. 
  • Why engage frontline workers?  
  • 7 effective ways to help engage your frontline workers. 

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