Intranet Pricing to Suit Your Organization Needs


Tailored Fit for Today. Adaptive Options Tomorrow. PeopleOne has features that help your Organization roll out a Digital Workplace Fast.

Our modules are grouped to help
you pick the right features as a package

Our pricing options are tuned into select modules designed for HR & IT teams to quickly zero-in on your rollout need. You pay exactly once for any feature. What’s more, the package deployments are within weeks, not months.


Start Your Intranet

Start your intranet with essential features


Includes Essential

Connect everyone

Along with corporate communication, connect each others’ ideas and thoughts


Includes Essential + Standard

Utilize to the hilt

Explore all the rich features and transform the way your employees collaborate

or Design your Own

Pick the right module from the rich repository of features. We’ll help you construct the perfect Intranet that reflects your culture.


Most of our teams are either in the field or at the frontlines, so PeopleOne keeps them connected and informed on the go.

Every business needs to have certain essentials – Support functions as in HR, IT, Finance and Administrative. They also have their competency teams – Business groups or Organizational Units, collaborative contractual/project teams and even technical interest and fun groups. Be it the Manufacturing, Services, Distributorship or a Not-for-Profit organization, collaboration happens all the time. Where you have specialized data pertaining to your industry, PeopleOne can help you see that information as well.

Definitely. Communication and collaboration are important to every Organization, whatever its size or spread. Be it 50, or 500, or 5000 employees, PeopleOne has the right features, and can scale to your organization’s needs.

A whole range of features and widgets are available in PeopleOne. The features are broadly classified under the heads of Corporate Communication, Employee Engagement and Resources/Utilitarian. For details on what’s offered, have a look at the features section.

Many collaboration tools have different licensing models that are often confusing, PeopleOne makes it simple.

· You already have MS365 licenses, so your users have access to SharePoint & OneDrive.

· One-time setup fee for the platform. Mobile app included.

· The license and pricing are for the features opted for, bundled as Essential, Standard and Premium models.

· Marginal monthly rates based on the number of users.

The features identified at the time of contract signup are the features enabled in the application, both web and mobile.

Discover how PeopleOne can transform
your organization