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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that happy employees do the best work, so we developed an employee engagement and work collaboration platform that promotes both job satisfaction and execution. The name PeopleOne represents bringing professional teams together as one community. It also embodies our core belief that the people who make up an organization come first.
From entry level to c-suite, to frontline workers and everyone in between, PeopleOne is an inclusive, unifying tool. Satisfy the needs of every individual and team, however unique.

PeopleOne offers unique value to every member of your organization. The platform addresses the specific needs of each department, team, or individual. HR teams can stay on the pulse of company culture, announcements are simplified for senior management, and the IT team can simplify their process for data access.

PeopleOne drives engagement and productivity through four tenants; enhanced internal communication, enriched organizational culture, efficient knowledge management, and improved collaboration.

PeopleOne is a game-changer across industries. Wherever there is a need for enhanced communication and collaboration – we have the solution.

Communication and collaboration are critical in every organization, regardless of its size or spread. Whether you have 50 or 5,000 employees, PeopleOne can scale to your organization’s needs.  

PeopleOne is a comprehensive intranet and internal communication tool that combines all elements of a digital workplace. It’s a ready-to-use platform available on browser, iOS, and Android so that your people can stay connected anytime, anywhere. With the added advantage of being open to integrations with your internal systems, PeopleOne offers unmatched flexibility.

A wide range of features are available to suit your organization’s corporate communication and employee engagement needs. For a complete description of features, contact our team.

Design PeopleOne’s modules to match your needs. Shift your internal communication to the platform if you want greater visibility. Link to subsites and applications as you see fit.

Most collaboration tools involve complex licensing models. We keep it simple.

  • If you already have MS365 licenses, your users will retain existing access to SharePoint & OneDrive
  • One-time platform setup fee (mobile app included)
  • Pricing based on feature bundles (Essential, Standard, and Premium models)
  • Marginal monthly rates based on number of users

Current clients cite PeopleOne’s timely setup, low costs, easy integration with MS software, and privacy protections as their leading reasons for choosing the platform.

Yes, PeopleOne supports document management via MS SharePoint and Teams. You can access document libraries and subsites, while also adjusting permission management, file access control, publishing, and more.

The features identified at the time of contract signup are the features enabled in the application, both web and mobile.

The SharePoint site is only accessible through your Microsoft tenant. All organization data stays within the organization. Only current employees can access the PeopleOne site, while content creation and approvals are granted exclusively to permitted users.

The application uses OAuth based authentication and rides the site-access configuration completed by your IT team. We recommend that organizations utilize 2FA, as users may access the platform on both mobile and browser.

The mobile application is shared among all our customers. When the application launches, we identify the organization you belong to based on your email domain and redirect to your tenant’s SharePoint site.  

You can reach out to your account manager at any time if you need to report an issue or require assistance.

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