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HR and Comms Guide: How to Turn Your Intranet into a Highly Engaged and Productive Platform

According to a Gallup report, companies with highly engaged employees earn 21% more money. Or, consider this fact – disengaged employees cost US companies up to $550 billion a year. This alarming statistic urges the need to boost employee engagement. But how do you do it? Look no further. Revisit your intranet and turn it into a platform that encourages employees to be more engaged and productive.

For starters, begin with understanding your intranet’s features and what your employees need for successful communication, and tweak your intranet until you solve all their problems. Giving your employees a better intranet experience can increase the adoption which results in enhancing the employees’ sense of belonging and connection with the organization. 

Get to know the effective ways you can improve your employee engagement and productivity using your intranet in our e-book. 

This e-book delves into;  

  • How important is the intranet to drive engagement & productivity?  
  • 15 effective ways to improve employee engagement & productivity using your intranet. 
  • How choosing PeopleOne can help achieve increasing engagement & productivity. 

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