Intranet Platform for Restaurants & Hospitality Firms

Centralize Staff Communication & Shape a Vibrant Work Culture

From front office to administrative teams, every employee plays a critical role in providing consistent, high-quality service. Equip employees to create a vibrant culture, improve internal communication, and deliver memorable customer experiences.

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Communicate in Real-Time

Notify all or select staff members of events and changes that may impact customers, such as service disruptions, process or policy changes. Optionally request acknowledgments from staff for priority announcements.  

Empower Frontline Workers

The PeopleOne mobile app enables your frontline workers to access all their resources in one place while on-the-go. Workers can pull out their mobile devices and instantly provide customers with the latest information on offers, products, services, and more.

Connect Staff Across Locations

News feeds streaming exciting events within the organization promote a spirit of camaraderie. Foster a sense of community in your workforce by providing a space for employees to interact with colleagues across locations.

Capture Knowledge in a Secure, Centralized Hub

Capitalize on SharePoint’s document management capabilities to safely store all types of documents, such as check-in procedures, food safety guidelines, or recruitment processes. PeopleOne allows you to control who can access the documents and what actions they can perform.

Multilingual Support

Establish an inclusive work environment by encouraging staff to communicate in their preferred language. Equip non-native English speakers with helpful videos and images during their training

Strengthen Your Workplace Culture

Improve employee engagement and shape a winning culture by sending kudos, recognizing and rewarding talent, and celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries. Encourage two-way communication and healthy feedback with polls, surveys, and discussion groups.

Simplify Workplace Learning

Level up your training and development with PeopleOne. Onboard new members and promote continuous learning by offering training material from anywhere.

Integrate Systems for a Unified Digital Workplace

Improve productivity by connecting core business tools and applications with PeopleOne and creating a unified digital workspace for your employees.

Digitize & Automate Workflows

Save time by allowing your team to clock in and out directly from their mobile devices. Digitize and automate repetitive operational procedures like daily inspections or maintenance reporting.

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