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Understanding Company Values Enhances Employee Performance



Understanding Company Values Enhances Employee Performance

Company values are the most important beliefs and ideas that shape how a company and its employees act. They affect the company’s reputation and identity and shape its culture, beliefs, and habits. They are an essential part of an organization’s culture.

They clarify priorities and methods. A firm can show its employees, customers, and other stakeholders its values and operations by identifying and conveying them. Companies should promote their ideals. Leaders and company policies should demonstrate them.

Before accepting a job, some candidates check a company’s values. Values assist new hires in grasping the company’s mission. They also make employees feel part of a bigger goal or vision. Employees should live the company’s ideals daily.

Using PeopleOne, an employee engagement platform, allows companies to demonstrate their values by communicating through the various widgets included on the platform like kudos and other ways of celebrating company’s values. Use the PeopleOne platform to create a culture of transparency by encouraging users to share information openly and honestly.

Research has shown that the values of a company have a significant effect on how well it does. When a company’s values are clear, and its employees believe in them, it can positively affect employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and overall performance. Businesses driven by their values have been shown to have more engaged employees, loyal customers, and better financial results. Also, when senior leadership talks about and supports company values, employees are more likely to act in a way that fits the company’s values and goals. This can lead to better decision-making, increased innovation, and improved organizational performance. For example, the company values include integrity and respect. In that case, the company’s top leaders must show respect for each person, work hard to achieve results, and be honest and fair in all their dealings. This will set the tone for the rest of the company.

For instance, PeopleOne allows everyone to easily collaborate on documents and projects with their peers and colleagues. Encouraging users to interact respectfully with each other and use appropriate language sets the tone for a positive environment.

When employees understand the company values, they align their values and goals with those of the organization, leading to greater job satisfaction and motivation. For example, if a company values sustainability and environmental responsibility, employees who also hold these values will likely feel more fulfilled in their work, knowing they are contributing to a cause they believe in.

Knowing and aligning with the company’s values can help employees feel more connected to their colleagues and the company, as they share common beliefs and goals. This can lead to a more cohesive and supportive work environment. PeopleOne can be used to recognize and thank users for their hard work. This can be done by creating awards, publicly recognizing users for their accomplishments, or providing incentives for completing tasks.

An intranet is a powerful tool to communicate, reinforce, and maintain company values. Organizations can ensure that their employees understand and agree with the company values by clearly defining and sharing them, putting them on the intranet, incorporating them into daily operations, encouraging employee engagement, and measuring the results. Here are some ways an intranet can be used to communicate company values: 

  1. Outline the company’s values and mission on the intranet and ensure it is easily accessible.
  2. Develop an interactive quiz or survey that encourages employees to think about the company values and how they apply them to their day-to-day work.
  3. Feature stories or examples of employees embodying the company values.
  4. Post videos, photos, and other visual content that communicates the company’s values.
  5. Utilize the intranet to communicate about special events or activities that emphasize company values, such as volunteer days or company-wide initiatives.
  6. Use the intranet to host fun competitions that challenge employees to demonstrate their knowledge of the company values.
  7. Teambuilding exercises and activities reinforce the company values and provide opportunities for employees to connect.
  8. Use the intranet to highlight employees who have gone above and beyond in embodying the company values.
  9. Utilize intranet tools to gather employee feedback on how the company values are being implemented and to ensure that employees are held accountable for their behavior.
  10. Use the intranet to share company initiatives demonstrating the company’s commitment to its values.
  11. Store your company’s handbook or values document in the knowledge repository of the intranet so that the employee can access it anytime.

Overall, company values are an essential part of any successful business. They give employees a sense of purpose, identity, and security, and they help them feel like they belong to the same group. By accepting and following the company’s values, employees can help ensure their company’s success.

PeopleOne delivers on demonstrating your company’s values. Click below to schedule a call with our PeopleOne Solutions Expert, Terry Coleman, he will help you determine whether PeopleOne is a good fit for your organization.

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