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The Untold Story of PeopleOne



The Untold Story of PeopleOne

Every product that has ever been made started from some pain point or issue that someone had. From that pain, a solution was born. PeopleOne is a growing mobile intranet solution that started from a need in my company. Eleviant Tech, our parent company, has been working on creating PeopleOne over the last 3 years and here is our story.

Our Story
Around 4 years ago we started to notice that our employees were communicating more so within their own departments than across the organization. Even though our employees were all working towards the same goal, growing the company, everyone’s communication was siloed. Seeing this concern, we decided to investigate different technologies to restore collaboration and the answer was adopting an intranet.

So, our next step was to search through Google to find the perfect vendor to meet our intranet criteria. We spoke with several different vendors but couldn’t find anything that matched our company size and each option was too expensive. We had reached a block. How are we going to fix this issue without breaking the bank?

That is when we brought up the idea to make a version of our own intranet and help other companies as well as ours to increase employee engagement. 3 years later, PeopleOne continues to grow in its capabilities bringing teams together and fostering communication.

So, what is PeopleOne?
PeopleOne is a solution built to increase your employee’s engagement and productivity. Our mobile intranet solution makes every conversation, process and task easy and puts all your tools in one place so your employees can work smarter, not harder. Gone are the days of miscommunication and disorganization. PeopleOne, using the Office 365 Suite and/or SharePoint, has different modules. Some examples of modules are

  • Kudos which is a module to praise your coworkers
  • Classifieds for finding important documents
  • PAMS (Performance Appraisal Management Systems) for getting employee feedback and managing appraisals
  • CEO Talk for news from the CEO and other leadership

PeopleOne provides more than just a web application, it also has a mobile app. Take your intranet wherever you are and get important news from your company through push notifications. What really differentiates PeopleOne from other intranets is its ability to customize the application to fit your company’s needs while still being affordable. We offer several different price packages that accommodate for both small and medium businesses.

Intranet Redefined
The traditional intranet is on its way out. As we become a modern society and remote jobs become more relevant, the need for a digital workplace is stronger than ever. The digital workplace shines with its ability to adapt to the modern user. Instant messaging, team collaboration, document management, social networks, and internal praises make all the difference to build work culture.

By connecting your employees, you are building a community.

When employees are working hard towards a certain goal, being able to see that goal come to life brings excitement and a sense of worth.  Employees need that sense of community and contribution to boost their morale and productivity. With a happier and more engaged workforce, your business is more likely to thrive.

Remote Employees
Let’s talk about remote employees for a minute. There are some companies that rely 100% on remote workers and it is a common trend to see now. Remote employees are at a high risk of becoming disconnected, disengaged and must work harder to communicate with coworkers. How do those employees communicate and contribute to their company?

There are so many different tools out there it can be exhausting. Having one login to access everything you need to communicate with coworkers who are across the world makes a huge difference in time and work satisfaction.

That is where PeopleOne comes in by creating a central place for employees to work and connect all types of employees together. It is time to modernize communication and collaboration.

PeopleOne – Born from pain turned into gain, for everyone!
It was a long journey to get to where we are now with PeopleOne but it was incredibly rewarding. Not only do we get the benefit of improving our own employees’ engagement, but we also get to share that ability with our customers.

Are you experiencing employee disconnect and miscommunication? Talk to us and let’s find out if PeopleOne is the right fit for your company!

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