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Stay In The Loop! Stay Always Linked With PeopleOne!



Stay In The Loop! Stay Always Linked With PeopleOne!

Another feature of the PeopleOne platform is ensuring that everyone stays connected. Whether you are working off-site or at your desk in the office, PeopleOne can bring all of an organization’s teams/departments together in a seamless manner without making monumental changes to the UX. This digital workplace has a revolutionary infrastructure that keeps the core focus on driving innovation through inclusion and instant connectivity.

Quite naturally, the long-term benefits include a stronger workforce culture, longevity of employees tenure, and increased company profits. 

Built-in apps and scope for adding more
The PeopleOne platform comes with apps and features that can be integrated into the organization’s existing intranet or private network and apps without fuss to maintain the objective of staying connected. Pre-built apps are a time saver concerning daily tasks such as budget approvals, generation of estimates, purchase orders, and even referrals – for any business scale. Think plug and play to automate, thanks to the digital workplace that allows for this self-servicing.

Building workflow processes can become a fun, productive task where all the concerned parties have open, insightful discussions for ease in functioning. This is especially helpful where new employees are involved as the job becomes less daunting when everyone gets to participate. Whether the task is more elaborate, like creating an app or is something simpler like the creation and generation of a form, all inputs will receive validation and discussion thanks to this open discussion forum, allaying any confusion. The result – a simplified process, achieved in a shorter amount of time. 

Fuss-free integration
The digital workplace by PeopleOne can cover pretty much all of the requirements of a business. Keeping links open between various stakeholders right from C Level to Team Managers and end-user/consumer to the provider can be integrated with the same space. The People Search & Presence options help you find the right talent and let you know which person is the best suited to aid with your concerns through discussion.

In this case, the teams can strategically connect selected software to achieve better productivity in a shorter span of time. 

Hear opinions and make them matter

The group chat options, features like Employee Voice and Suggestion Box, provide everyone’s scope to share their thoughts, be it professional or social. This is a fair means of expression for everyone in the company.

For discussions that are not directly related to work, employees can tag their colleagues/groups in collaboration channels that are further broken down by category. The most popular tools include emojis and GIFs options to add to conversations.

A connection is a two-way street
Employees can also interact and exchange information by creating Polls, sharing Surveys and Questionnaires and calling attention to important matters via the Announcements feature. These can be defined or restricted, and moderation parameters can be put in place to ensure that nothing unparliamentary occurs in the digital space. Managers can control access when necessary to maintain work-appropriate exchanges.

You can congratulate colleagues on their task-completion, promotions or achievements using the Kudos feature, along with dropping Likes, Shares and Comments, very similar to what your friendly social media platform would offer. Staying connected also means staying informed. You will find that a Blog feature can be included as a section that remains relevant and helpful to employees looking to brush up on some worthy articles about your organization.

Importance of remaining connected with the members in an organization is vital to its progress, whether employees work at physical locations or remotely. A workplace platform like PeopleOne has designed attributes within its platform/application to expand and enhance the scope of the functions offered. By including specific components under the feature Connect, the organizations adopting the same can understand the needs of the employees/stakeholders, address them and return with favorable solutions.

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