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5 Mistakes Enterprise Heads Must Avoid When Planning for SharePoint Intranet Deployment


Anand Kannan

5 Mistakes Enterprise Heads Must Avoid When Planning for SharePoint Intranet Deployment

Employee engagement does matter and deploying a SharePoint intranet solution to your enterprise is a proven strategy for better employee engagement, productivity. Nevertheless, failing to focus on the top 5 don’ts when considering a SharePoint intranet deployment could prove dearer for your enterprise.

According to Fierce, Inc., 86% of employees cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures. The survey data also points out that poor communication between decision makers and employees impacts the ROI heavily.

Deploying a SharePoint intranet solution for your enterprise isn’t trivial, provided if you’ve the right advice, strategy and expertise. Partnering with an expert SharePoint intranet services would be a realistic option as it saves your business time and money, in addition to having an internal portal offering multitude of benefits to the employees, customers, vendors and management.

Here’re the 5 mistakes every enterprise business head must know before planning for a SharePoint intranet deployment.

  1. Failing to consider end user’s perspective when planning for intranet deployment

Remember, it doesn’t matter whether what kind of intranet solution you plan to develop, if it doesn’t align with end user’s objective, you’re gone!

It’s ultimately the internal users that will be utilizing the solution on day-to-day basis; so, creating a solution without relevant feedback from the intended users will be a sure shot failure.

  1. Underestimating enterprise search

The goal of the intranet solution is to provide your employees with a tool that could help searching, collaborating, discussing business details every day.

If your solution isn’t built in the right way and with multiple levels of navigation, your employees might never ever find it friendly and won’t fancy exploring the solution.

  1. A little or poor employee training on using intranet

It’s true that intranet solutions need no introduction; yet to fully utilize the features, equipping your employees with periodical training sessions is a must.

Not every employee would be a geek and it requires special understanding to explore and utilize every feature of the intranet to its fullest. Make sure that proper training is provided to employees.

  1. A little or no time spent on Intranet designing

Of course, you’ve developed the solution for your internal needs, but it doesn’t mean that the internal communication tool can be created with poor designing attributes.

No user prefers poor navigation, ugly layout. It won’t take your designer to come up with a simple yet impressive design that could convince the workforce for hassle-free use of the solution. Create a portal that is beneficial and easy to access by everyone.

  1. Frequent intranet updates

Updating your intranet solution is again an amazing idea. But executing without consulting or prior notice to your employees will make them develop a strong dislike toward the solution.

Besides, updating your solution frequently may irk your employees as they would be clueless over the changes made in the latest version. ‘Such changes would make their jobs even tougher when searching for a critical document during crunch times.

Well, it’s not about developing a SharePoint intranet solution for better employee engagement, but creating a solution that aligns with user’s perspective to accomplish the business goals.

Is your employee engagement better? If not, create a SharePoint intranet solution to enhance engagement. Don’t know how to get started? We can help.

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