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The Rise Of Workplace Apps: Not Just A Trend – But A Collaboration For Good



The Rise Of Workplace Apps: Not Just A Trend – But A Collaboration For Good

Digital workplace platforms were created as a systematic and convenient method to ensure all the relevant stakeholders of an organization remained connected during their employment. Technical and straightforward in its definition, the initial version of a workplace platform was designed for Human Resources Departments to efficiently manage functions of the company’s personnel – enabling both top-down and bottom-up communication. It allows teams to connect better and work professionally – an upgraded version of the intranet. It offered structure to a range of people management services, but was that all it was meant to be?

Enter the early 2000s, and social media is ruling the day – from sharing images and videos for fun to disseminating fundamental information, opinion pieces, links to articles, live feeds and the like; it turned into the largest collaborative network in only a short span of time.

Now, imagine having the capability to combine the functions and services of the former with the latter on a customized platform.

Today’s digital workplace apps and platforms have truly revolutionized how organizations function. By adopting simple and friendly UIs with a focus on the experience, these platforms boost internal communication and keep the user socially engaged with their peers by retaining favorites like instant texting and shout outs via a newfangled bulletin board. With the year 2020 coercing companies to reach out of the box and conjure solutions to keep employees connected from remote locations; the advanced versions of digital workplaces have shown this is the way forward.

The versatile digital workplace shows no bias towards the company’s size and ease of use, connectivity, information access and sharing, and a reduced workload. A platform like PeopleOne can customize an organization’s requirements to suit a group of departments, or a specialized service for employees or create an app between supplier and user; the derivations are achieved every time. Functions could be as simple as scheduling tasks for the day, alerting individuals on document sharing, participating in a webinar or even taking a survey.

Extending these services beyond the desk, are workplace apps – mobile, instant and with all the information you need at your tips. A solution provider like PeopleOne even offers the advantage of integration within the existing network; which means if your organization is already using Microsoft 365, services can be added without disrupting any of the others in use.

More companies are recognizing the benefits of investing in the UX for employees, as this is an assured way for them to grow more involved in the organization’s culture to achieve the desired goals.

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