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Real World Employee Engagement in a Mobile-First, Hyper-Connected, and Evolving Workplace

Enterprises are trying to keep their mobile workforces motivated and aligned with their company goals in this age of remote work and technology. Managing employees in different locations make it challenging for businesses to improve employee engagement using traditional approaches. This could result in less productivity, poor customer relations, and higher turnover. 

Modern intranets are quickly gaining popularity as a solution to your remote work culture. Intranets’ ability to harness the modern world’s connectivity and include social features, collaboration tools, and project management capabilities has helped their rapid growth. 

This was the topic of discussion in an Eleviant Webinar, Enhancing Employee Engagement through a Modern Employee Intranet, hosted by Raul Guerra, Regional Director of Sales at Eleviant. He was joined by guest speaker Christopher O’Day, Director of Marketing, Branding, and Writing at LGA, LLP, as the two conversed about modern Intranet solutions and t’s impact on today’s work culture, highlighting PeopleOne’s role in transforming LGA, LLP’s workplace.  

To explore more about how Modern Intranets can enhance employee engagement and build a stronger workplace culture, see the original article at Future of Work. 

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