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Increase Employee Engagement With An Enhanced Mobile Intranet


Arun Kumar

Increase Employee Engagement With An Enhanced Mobile Intranet

When it comes to internal communications, ‘intranet’ is one of the crucial components for an organization.

It offers an easily accessible and localized source of information placed in one place. Now, just because the employees are allowed to have communication through an internal channel, it doesn’t mean that they will be ‘engaged.’

When a term like ‘engagement’ is involved, it takes much more efforts than you could think of.

An engaging, well-designed, and convenient intranet has the potential to grab every employee’s attention and further making him or her inquisitive to use it.

What Issues Do Companies Face?

Companies with intranets preferably want to have the maximum employee engagement. The teams that are in charge of intranets create a lot of digital assets for the organization to help people from different locations to be aware of what is happening in the rest of the organization (if dispersed globally).

To execute this activity, SharePoint is used as one of the common intranet engines, followed by abundant customizations.

But due to the dependency of usage – either from the employee’s desktops or their laptops -the adoption of intranet takes time.

On the other hand, the notifications are usually through emails. When days pass, there will be hundreds of emails piled up in their inbox, slipping the attention of the employees eventually.

Moreover, SharePoint, in spite of its strengths, does not have a great mobile app.

What Is The Best Solution?

To overcome the problem that organizations or companies usually face, it is best to have a mobile-enabled intranet that features exposed workflow across multiple departments.

Any authorized person can:

  • Build a responsive form in no time
  • Create multiple approval processes
  • Create rules for people to approve

The mobile intranet will also incorporate multiple processes that range from leave approval, procurement approval, sales, discounts, to proposals, inventory, policies, and so on.

Since it is the era of smart phones, employees will like it more if they had their intranet in their hands.

With this, they can get instant notifications on their mobile phones and respond faster.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Mobile Intranet?

  • The mobile intranet enables relevant employees at multiple levels to get instant notifications on their mobile phones.
  • The power of SharePoint is leveraged quite well and supported in iOS, Android and in Windows platforms that covers almost all employees.
  • This increases employee engagement by almost 60% and enhances the use of intranet in the organization.
  • The best thing about mobile-enabled intranet is that it isn’t limited to employees alone. It can help with multiple approval processes that can involve vendors, internal process, distributors, and customers.

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