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Why Mobile Intranet Is Best For Your Employees?



Why Mobile Intranet Is Best For Your Employees?

You have spent a lot of money in building your SharePoint Intranet. Intranets, however, do not gain the expected adoption because the workflow links go as emails to the employees.

Eventually, they get drowned with hundreds of emails employees usually get. Also, these emails take a lot of time to respond because the employees are always on the move either within the office or outside the office.

In such situations or perhaps, when they are in a hurry, the rate of ignoring emails (that are not part of an immediate response) is high. These delays could cause a lot of time and money if the organization has decided to automate their work flows and make it a part of intranet.

So, the answer to this problem is through:

SharePoint Mobile Intranet

Now, let us look at what your SharePoint intranet can do when it is mobile-enabled.

  • SharePoint becomes mobile-enabled and gets into the hands of the employees.
  • They download the Intranet app with a few easy steps and begin using it.
  • The employees receive instant push notifications right in their mobiles whenever an article is uploaded or whenever a workflow begins that requires their attention.
  • The adoption of mobile as a device has increased many-fold compared to the usage of traditional laptops and desktops on fixed internet access. This increases the response rates of the employees and enables them to take quick action.
  • Employees respond much faster and complete the tasks that are in pending state. Employees also look at the photos, videos, and engage better with the intranet.
  • The employees get motivated because they can use their own devices to complete their tasks.

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