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Microsoft Teams- The Best Choice For Creating A Dynamic Work Environment



Microsoft Teams- The Best Choice For Creating A Dynamic Work Environment

With a revolution of sorts having taken place over the last year, modern organizations had to redefine their systems and infrastructure to ensure that employees felt reassured and of their roles. The next step was the ‘how’ to ascertain that teamwork and collaboration enhanced as qualities that continued to dictate the organization’s functioning. Enter digital workplace management solutions!

A foundation platform or app to regulate and maintain an organization’s smooth operation connects peers, delivers correspondence, schedules meetings, and carries out a plethora of other functions to help employees meet organizational goals.

Right from its launch, Microsoft Teams has become the fastest growing app in Microsoft’s history with over 330,000 companies globally using it.

Before the pandemic, statistics revealed that nearly a third of employees want a more flexible approach to work, and today that number has gone up to 50%. Having moved away from the conventional 9-5 approach of working from a desk, the reality has merited a work-from-anywhere with the right technology approach. And for this to happen, employees need the right tools.

There are varied collaboration tools available – PeopleOne, Slack, Google Drive, Teams and others. Given its success rate, the favoured solution seems to be Microsoft Teams.

Here are a couple of reasons why Teams is the preferred collaboration software for creating a dynamic working environment.

Straightforward, Simple, Effective
The founding pillars of communication and collaboration are undoubtedly eased in connection and flexibility to achieve the desired results. Microsoft Teams provides employees with tools to interact easily from remote locations, via multiple digital devices, without the risk of missing communications. Owing to its integration with Office 365, you don’t need to switch apps, which means you can create Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents easily in Teams. Share it with your department or others in the network; make edits, add comments and discuss details with your coworkers right there.

Improved Productivity
Teams’ goal is to enable your employees to work quicker, smarter, and, of course, better together. Teams’ intuitive user interface is designed to simplify group work with multiple channels for group chats. In only a few clicks, you can connect conversations from different threads to make them easier to follow, and set pop up notifications onscreen. As it is already integrated with Skype for Business, you can instantly launch a voice or video call.

Employee Engagement & Meetings
The Meetings feature in Teams makes the engagement experience so much easier. Create a meeting, set an agenda, start chatting with participants and share files for review along with the meeting notes.

The chat recording is immediately available in the same tab, with any follow-up actions listed right there. Being integrated with other Microsoft products like OneNote and Office means you don’t have to alternate between apps during your conversation.

Reduced Spend on Technology
With Microsoft announcing that Skype for Business will merge entirely into Teams, organizations will not have to invest in more licenses to purchase specialised software. One platform or the Teams app will take care of it all, keeping the workplace digitally connected, and all conversations will be held structurally.

Always Connected
The mantra for the past year between employees and their organizations, more than ever before – connection. From your home, from your work desk or a remote location; staying connected digitally, having access to the needed resources and remaining reachable has been paramount in keeping collaborations going. With Teams, you have immediate access to all your apps and documents. You can easily jump right into the loop, respond, and continually stay ‘in’ even when you’re on the move.

A comprehensible, reliable and regulated communication process is the basis of an organization’s effective functioning. Whatever your industry may be- manufacturing, technology, healthcare or hospitality – each of them needs an optimal medium for the workforce to collaborate within the organization. Using a platform like Microsoft Teams, which allows a combination of communication methods, you can ensure your business’s efficacy is maintained and enhanced steadily. Teams provide some of the best tools and solutions enabling your employees to connect overwork, discussions and other engagements without being physically present but equally participative.

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