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Communication Leads To Better Connection



Communication Leads To Better Connection

Keeping the lines of conversation open and accessible between the employer and the employees (or within specifically created groups) is vital and ensures that messages reach the intended user. Effective communication is a two-way street where the sender feels encouraged to share precise messages, and the receiver has adequate information to complete the task given. Good communication means clarity in roles and understanding of individual accountability, and this translates into team members maintaining the workflow structure consistently.

Engaging with your employees is extremely crucial for the smooth functioning of an organization. With several companies continuing to follow remote working, communication and engagement are the needs of the hour.

A recent online study conducted by a well-known research organization revealed that over 63% percent of workers in the US have wanted to quit their organizations, stating that ineffective communication interfered with their ability to do their jobs. With a digital workplace platform like PeopleOne, there are ample collaboration options to ensure that employees remain connected on day-to-day work tasks while also allowing room for discussions on relevant events.

PeopleOne allows better engagement between employees and stakeholders, which naturally leads to unity in the workplace community. The platform seamlessly integrates into the organization’s existing intranet, and almost instantly, employees can engage in conversations within related tasks or projects.

This not only facilitates a faster method to track and record correspondence; a continuous communication stream also keeps IT and infrastructure issues at bay. When the personnel network is clued into progress and stays updated on any escalations, it automatically becomes easier to customize parameters further and meet deadlines.

All of the solutions offered by PeopleOne are highly secure. They can be tailor-made for small, medium and large-sized companies seeking effective collaboration, communication, and social networking, focusing on the employees’ inclusion through knowledge sharing. This saves time in task distribution, and the organization can suitably engage their employees by matching the right job to the right person.

You can instantly share News about the company, stock market updates, software upgrades on this single platform or app without having to make any large changes to your system. This is especially useful for those in various time zones.

Leadership Speak
Listen or tune in live to interesting talks by leaders in the company of industry experts to feel motivated about your role and long term goals. The option of catching this live or playing it back later is another feature of PeopleOne that’s a favorite with employees.

Share information on promotions, mergers and achievements of the group or individuals; add images, videos and fun Gifs to personalise the message, making it something to look forward to.

Events and Holiday Calendar
You will never feel left out even while working remotely owing to the online and offline events that employees can participate in. Events normally conducted offline between teams/departments can seamlessly be held online via MS Teams and Sharepoint powered by the PeopleOne platform. Quiz competitions, gaming events, and other inter-departmental activities conducted offline can easily be carried out online.

PeopleOne also has a really cool and informative Holiday Calendar which is a great way to know what’s being observed in offices at other organization locations. Not only does this give you a heads up on the available resources/teams to help during project management, but you can dash off quick greetings and be a part of virtual celebrations as well.

Please read up on wellness, nutrition and fitness with a valuable information bank on the platform or catch a yoga session in your favourite spot by accessing it right here on the app. Get quick tips on better health, exchange views with your peers and find relaxation techniques to improve your productivity and mental health.

Corporate Social Media
Being part of an inclusive network means a better-informed workplace, as all of the information disseminated is uniform, from a single source. Organization achievements, group goals met and more become known via social media users. The feed lets employees engage with the post to comment and instantly participate in the thread through the intranet and not have to log in through any other browser. This helps to present a unified front across social media and serve as a centralized repository of content.

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