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Employee Engagement – Revitalizing Your Internal Communication with Corporate Intranet


Anand Kannan

Employee Engagement – Revitalizing Your Internal Communication with Corporate Intranet

Employee engagement is critical for the growth of your business as disengaged employees dilute the production rate and turnovers. This is common yet topmost challenge faced by all businesses.

Are your employees engaged?

There is a myriad of reasons that frustrate employees.

Of the many, two of the most common reasons that result in disengaged employees are

  1. unable to find business information at critical times, and
  2. unable to share knowledge with peers when it matters.

Such factors can frustrate your employees, pressurizing them, and ultimately prompting them to leave the company. To avoid such a situation and avoid the expenditure in resource hiring, your HR team must utilize every single opportunity to keep the workforce engaged.

Forward-thinking companies have started to embrace corporate communications and are driving better employee engagement.

Where does your business stand?

Is your employee listening to you?

Are they connected?

If not, you might have to understand the significance of employee engagement and how it can transform the efficiency & productivity of your brand significantly.

Here’s why employee engagement matters for your (any) business.

According to a research report, engaged employees are 44% more productive and inspired staff are 125% more productive. (source: Gallup)

Therefore, engaging your employees digitally will elevate performance and productivity. Learn why intranet is an amazing option when added to your business strategy. While there are many ways that you can try out to engage your staff, implementing a corporate intranet portal is proven to be a simple yet effective way.

How Intranet boosts employee engagement and production rate

Engage workforce

Automate your workflows through a mobile intranet. Having the workforce connected to each other and understanding the task completely enables better outputs.

Besides, automated workflows ensure that everyone on the team interacts and collaborates to discuss a common idea for producing better outputs. With an intranet, employee engagement becomes seamless as it simplifies every task and process for achieving maximum efficiency.

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Connect with peers for getting actionable insights

Connecting with peers enables the workforce to get directional and insights on-time to deliver actionable results.

Failing to get the critical insights during emergencies can impact the businesses’ bottom-line but unifying employees with peers through an intranet enables employees to make faster decisions.

Eliminate data silos

Managing and accessing data in silos is backbreaking and consumes a lot of time. This leads to potential delays in projects.

An intranet enables your complete team working on any project to store data in a central repository which can be accessed at any point of time by anyone without any difficulty for successful meetings and corporate presentations.

Enable focused communication

Communicating project data to your team through emails can be disheartening and it is heartbreaking to follow up each thread to figure out the status of a project.

With an intranet, it is easy to share specific project details, get quick status updates and communicate the same to everyone on the team for rapid project understanding and delivering.

Be in sync with remote employees

Intranets not only help employees in your office connect with each other and collaborate but also ensure employees at different locations connect with their respective teams for delivering a unified and combined output.

Engaging remote employees with your in-house team is critical for project success, and eventually business growth.

Develop company-wide dialog

Your intranet can act as a perfect hub for your employees searching for the latest business updates, breaking news, technology advancements, product upgrades, service enhancements, employee certifications & motivations etc. Sharing periodical updates across all departments of the organization becomes easier.

Simply put, an intranet eliminates employee frustrations during crunch times and enables employees to engage better through seamless collaboration and interaction for assured success.

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