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Intranet Adoption Issues And Their Solutions



Intranet Adoption Issues And Their Solutions

Your intranet can produce the best returns for you if your employees begin using it on a day to day basis. However, that is not the case.

Though intranet helps streamline the business processes, saves money, and time, its implementation comes with plenty of hurdles. All these challenges frequently emerge due to employees failing it to adopt it.

Getting your employees to use your intranet can be a big challenge ‘ particularly in the initial phase.

Ever wondered, why do employees fail to use intranet? Well, here are the common reasons behind:

1. Difficult To Use

A majority of employees tend to avoid using intranet if it involves complexity. To put in simple words, if the intranet is not user-friendly or challenging to use, that’s when the adoption issues arise.

A bad UI design, duplication of data, and utilizing multiple tools are some key reasons that turn off employees from using the intranet efficiently. They consider this to be an interruption in their work and eventually, treat it as an additional task.

2. Irrelevant Content

Content needs to be fresh and lively. When employees log into the intranet and happen to see outdated or irrelevant content, they lose their interest in it.

3. Used More Like A DMS

When proper expectations are not being set, intranets end up being used more like a DMS (Document Management System) where the documents are just stored in the intranet, searched, and downloaded.

How To Make It Work?

1. Learn The Employees’ Perspective

Build your intranet from an employee’s perspective rather than the management. Perform a survey with your employees to get an understanding of what they want. You can implement the intranet and train them to use the intranet.

2. Relate Your Intranet To Social Networks

Everyone is pretty familiar with some popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Yes, intranets differ but there are sufficient similarities to make this as an association and give your employees a conviction to dive in.

3. Bring Employee News

The content should contain information about happenings from multiple departments of the company and spreading the news across multiple locations.

This gives a human touch about what is happening around the company. The news can include birthdays, awards, celebrations, big wins, management conversations, etc.

4. Workflows To Enable All Department Approvals

Every department task can be automated. While the respective individuals can create forms, other rules can be set to give access control to multiple levels of employees so that they can perform certain activities based on their approval levels.

5. Customizable & Personalized

Every employee wants their intranet to be personalized and wants it to be customized. Users want to set their preferences on what they want to see.

When there is an organization that has employees performing different functions, it becomes difficult for them to navigate through the massive maze of information to see things about their jobs.

Hence, personalization is imperative for the adoption to be quick. With these functionalities incorporated and with the kind of human touch given to the intranet, an Intranet owner can achieve good returns on their intranet investments.

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