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10 Ideas to Welcome New Employees and Create a Positive Onboarding Experience


Renita Joan

10 Ideas to Welcome New Employees and Create a Positive Onboarding Experience

Starting a new job can be exciting and overwhelming for both your new employees. Creating a positive onboarding experience can make all the difference for new hires, setting them for success from day one.

Brandon Hall Group says strong onboarding boosts new hire retention by 82% and productivity by more than 70%. Strong welcome programs are more than just paperwork and introductions; they boost your most valuable asset — your people.

Welcoming programs help new employees quickly integrate into the company culture, build connections with colleagues, and clearly understand their roles and responsibilities. This sense of belonging and support translates into improved employee experience, higher job satisfaction, increased productivity, and better retention rates.

10 Ideas to Create a Stellar Onboarding Experience for Your Employees

Personalized Welcome Kits: Customize welcome kits with company swag, essentials, and handwritten notes from team members. This personal touch goes beyond mere company swag; it serves as a tangible expression of welcome and appreciation.

Buddy System or Shadowing Program: Pair new hires with experienced mentors who can answer questions, provide guidance, and foster a sense of belonging. According to a Survey Monkey employee happiness survey, 91% of employees with a mentor reported being happier in their job.

Interactive Orientation Sessions: Ditch the boring presentations and incorporate team-building activities and icebreakers. Encourage participation and interaction, making the orientation process more engaging and memorable, and laying the foundation for strong relationships among team members.

Welcome Lunch or Coffee: Organize a welcome lunch or coffee session, providing an informal setting for introductions and networking opportunities. Allow new hires to build connections with colleagues from the start.

Virtual Welcome Tours: If you’re hiring a remote employee, conduct virtual tours of the workplace. Showcase different departments and facilities to help new hires visualize their new environment and understand the company’s operations.

Welcoming New Employees Through an Intranet: Great onboarding boosts employee retention by 69%, according to SHRM. Create a dedicated “New Hire” section on the company intranet with essential information, FAQs, and an employee handbook. Have a “Welcome Wall” for team introductions, personalized messages, and a welcome video from leaders or teammates.

Virtual Meet-and-Greets: Host virtual meet-and-greet sessions, allowing new hires to interact with various team members, fostering a sense of community and relationships.

Welcome Emails: A series of welcome emails can serve as a digital roadmap for new hires, introducing them to different aspects of the company. Send welcome emails to new hires, incorporating information on company culture and values while providing an e-handbook with helpful tips and resources for a smooth transition.

Welcome Week Activities: Organize a series of activities throughout the first week, such as intranet scavenger hunts (for remote employees), office scavenger hunts (for on-site employees), team-building exercises, workshops, and social events to create memorable experiences, lasting memories, and opportunities for bonding.

Feedback and Follow-Up: Ask new hires for feedback about their onboarding experience to identify areas for improvement and address any concerns. Continue to provide support and show your commitment to their success beyond onboarding.

PeopleOne – The Modern Intranet Helped a Quick Service Restaurant Franchise With the Smooth Onboarding Process.

A quick service restaurant franchise with 62 units, faced daunting communication hurdles, notably in onboarding and retaining new hires. They faced a staggering turnover rate of 60 to 70% within the first 90 days. The manual processes were inefficient and challenging to scale. Our Modern Intranet PeopleOne helped the franchise witness a remarkable transformation. With a mobile onboarding app and personalized videos from leaders, new hires felt welcomed from day one.


A positive onboarding experience is not just a nicety, it’s a strategic imperative for companies looking to attract and retain top talent. By investing in a strong welcome program, organizations set new hires up for success from the very beginning and can reap the rewards of increased retention, enhanced employee morale, and improved productivity.

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