North Texas Bells, LLC

Improving employee retention and engagement for Frontline workforce

The Challenge

The client’s manual processes hindered effective communication between corporate and frontline staff, impacting operations. Additionally, difficulties in onboarding, training, and fostering a sense of belonging led to a high turnover rate. They were looking for a unified intranet solution for streamlined communication, improved onboarding, and increased employee retention. 

The Solution

The client implemented a unified intranet platform, improving communication between corporate and frontline staff, and streamlining announcements. The solution included a modern onboarding process, addressing training challenges and fostering employee engagement. This resulted in reduced turnover rates, streamlined operations, and enhanced employee retention for the franchisee. 

Our Promise

We tailor the solution to fit your business, so that you can plug and play as per your needs.

The Timeline for Success

We understand your needs and work around your schedule

The client aimed to create an engaging work environment that fosters a sense of value, inclusion, and retention among employees, promoting high levels of motivation and dedication.


The client faced challenges and inefficiencies due to a manual approach, including time-consuming and complex processes for onboarding, and difficulties in communication between corporate and frontline staff.


A mobile and web solution to enhance the onboarding process and streamline communication channels.


The solution was customized to enable mobile app-based employee onboarding, and the integration of custom-built widgets like Badges and Pulse Surveys.


The solution delivered streamlined communication, and the client has been able to significantly lower the employee turnover rate. The solution solved their 90-day turnover challenge among new hires, bringing the rate down from 60% to below 5%.

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