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How Can Intranet Improve Employee Experience?


Renita Joan

How Can Intranet Improve Employee Experience?

Intranets have been around for a while but didn’t become popular until the early 2000s. But what exactly are they used for? Intranets are utilized as a private bulletin/dashboard/repository of sorts within an organization. They help employees share information, collaborate, and work together to achieve common goals. Since they improve employee experience considerably, organizations are now looking to leverage this private network to the fullest in order to stay relevant and competitive.  

If you’re looking to improve your employee experience, you need to read this blog.  

What is Employee Experience?

Employee experience is a broad term that combines the employees’ experience right from onboarding to work activities such as office set-up, work culture, internal communication, company events, and recognition. As an employer, it is crucial to offer a good experience to your employees to keep them motivated and encouraged.  

Research conducted on Employee Experience Management suggests that every organization should have an employee experience management system. It will contribute positively to the productivity and financial performance of the organization. The research also suggests that it will improve employee engagement, commitment, retention and attraction of new talents. However, many companies fail to do so. This explains the reason behind the high employee turnover rate for some organizations. To reduce it and get more employee engagement, many companies are turning/returning to the Intranet.  

How to Improve the Employee Experience?

There is a lot to focus on when youre starting from scratch to improve the employee experience. You can leverage the features of the Intranet to enhance communication and improve employee experience at any location, especially for remote employees.  

A good Intranet must have the following fundamental tenets to improve employee experience- 

  • Accessible to everyone 
  • Flexible enough to adjust to the changing needs of the organization 
  • Features everything an employee needs to perform their daily tasks 
  • Well-designed 
  • Fast with updated search engines 
  • Facilitate interactions 
  • Personalized features that suit your organization 
  • Multi-channel and multi-dimensional Intranet design 

The modern Intranet uses a holistic approach and brings all the relevant information & features to one place. It provides seamless communication functions and flexible delivery features that can be operated even from mobile phones. One such Intranet solution is PeopleOne, the flagship product of Eleviant, a certified Microsoft Gold partner, that enables remote and on-site employees to stay informed and connected.  

Easy Onboarding Process 

Employee onboarding consists of various calls, meetings, documentation, and uploading. With the help of intranet, you can speed up the mentioned processes and centralize them. The structured process leaves a good impression of the company and helps new employees equip themselves with the new work culture. 

Provides Recognition 

Employees want to be recognized and appreciated for their work. The Intranet can help recognize their hard work through open channel communication tools. It will enhance employee experience to the maximum levels by smoothing out communication bottlenecks.  

Consolidates Information 

Employees mostly struggle to locate information and resources. With the Intranet’s centralized data, employees can search for documents, links, and everything else they may need. It makes things more effortless compared to having dispersed data across different places and channels. 

Also, remote employees feel they lack the resources that can be easily found when working in the office. The cloud-based Intranet can help deal with this issue and make new employees feel like they are an integral part of the company. It acts as an employee self-service tool to improve employees’ productivity, efficiency, and daily task performance.  

Effective Communication Tool 

Efficient internal communication is crucial for any organization. An intranet has features for employees like blogging, sharing, discussion forums, and peer recognition. It empowers employees by making collaboration, sharing ideas, and building strong relationships with peers less daunting. 

The intranet also serves as a medium for the management to demonstrate important goals. It ensures that all employees simultaneously receive the same message. When that happens, any feedback and comments are available for everyone to see and analyze for future uses, making collaboration easier and faster. 

Redefine Work Culture 

By ensuring your employees learn and grow on an individual level, you can further enhance their experience. To foster a work culture that focuses on individual growth, you can offer workshops, training, and development programs through the Intranet by uploading needed sheets, documents, files, and videos. It is the best way to show them that the company supports individual growth. Apart from work-related training, you can also consider other classes, such as yoga, fitness, nutrition, stress management, and even arts, to make them feel that they are more than just employees – that they are human. 


With modern Intranet solutions, companies can consolidate information, making employees better equipped to collaborate and engage. It offers employees relevant content, and helps them locate information and resources they need on time. An effective Intranet improves job satisfaction, productivity, and eventually, employee experience. 

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