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5 Ways To Engage Employees With Your Intranet


Anand Kannan

5 Ways To Engage Employees With Your Intranet

To increase your Return on Investment (ROI) on your SharePoint Intranet, begin by keeping users in mind ‘ that’s ultimately, your employees.

1. User Interface

Focus by designing an engaging and interactive User Interface (UI) for them. This is important because your employees are never going to use the Intranet if they find it difficult to use it. Therefore, come up with a simplistic design approach, as this motivates your employees to engage with your intranet better.

2. Employee Directory

The second activity is to build an employee directory. Allow the employees to find each other and reach out to them through phone, email, social media, and enable a chat interface for direct messaging.

3. Shareable Content

Allow everyone to create content. Limiting that will only create a bit of friction in the employees’ mind. Right from an ability to share the content to be able to add comments to the existing article to making them write their own content are important functionalities that need to be incorporated.

Change the game of the entire intranet by allowing people to share the content on the internet. You could create leader-boards to publish people’s information based on the highest contributors.

4. Private Groups

You can also create private groups where a department across the globe, interacts with each other and discusses their day to day job.

5. Utilize Analytics Reports

Use your ‘Reporting Interface’ to capture the analytics and find out the most visited pages and most performed actions by clusters of employees.

Use the analytics to take decisions on improving employee engagement. By constantly monitoring the intranet usage, giving your employees what they want, and by making your intranet available on multiple devices, you will be able to increase the intranet adoption quite easily.

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