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An Employee Motivation Tool That Actually Works


Dileepan Selvaraj

An Employee Motivation Tool That Actually Works

Study after study keeps finding the same key to a motivated workforce – employee recognition. Be it individuals or teams, recognition and praise for a job well done are the preconditions to get employees to put their hearts into their work on demand and not at convenience.

For companies with big ideas and a bold mission ‘ the ideators and the executioners need to sustain a long and weary emotional and intellectual involvement with the work that gets worn down every time they show up to work. Transactional motivation can help but transformational motivation is the key for a satisfied employee and a successful company.

The Tool

Microsoft recently came up with a great organizational lever that delivers an effective dose of recognition to deserving employees. The feature is simply called ‘Praise’ which comes as a part of Office 365’s Delve. Managers can now send publically viewable praise to their colleagues and an automatic email sent to management/superiors to let them know of a valuable contribution to the organization from an individual or a team.

Office 365 image

It is easy to imagine the social nature of the Praise instilling a sense of pride and feeling of gratification for all their hard work. It also creates a sense of competition between individuals and teams and encourages them to step up.

This feature, which can be integrated into a custom intranet, does more than giving meaningful recognition to employees. It can help infuse trust in the leadership of the organization. While management is the art of making employees do things right, leadership is the art of doing the right things and confidence in leadership comes from the virtuous display of appreciation to the most important part of an organization ‘ its employees, who are happier when they are praised loudly and blamed softly.

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