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5 Ways To Bring In The Cheer Of The Holidays To Your Remote Workforce



5 Ways To Bring In The Cheer Of The Holidays To Your Remote Workforce

Have you ever wondered about the importance of employee engagement during the holiday season? This challenge has risen to a whole new level with the new normal. Read the below questions, and if any of these rings a bell, this blog is for you.

  • What could bring in that extra cheer during the holidays?  
  • How do I keep all my employees engaged this holiday season? 
  • How do I grab the attention of employees who may be frustrated with work? 
  • What about the employees who are alone, staying away from their families?

Especially during times like these, it is the absolute responsibility of the employer to ensure employees are happy and filled with the cheer of the season! Did you know that “87% of employees expect their employer to support them in balancing work and personal commitments?”  An employer who fails to meet this condition starts to lose committed employees over some time. Have you ever thought about how you can inclusive your employees worldwide who belong to different religions, cultures, and languages? Would it not be amazing to unify all of them and make them feel included and celebrated by everyone in the organization?

The more people celebrate their workplace, the more they tend to enjoy work. When work becomes effortless, the results speak for themselves. Any employer that encourages better employee engagement ensures that the organization’s future is secure and set to scale up. With all that said and done, how do we do this? How can we transition our workplace to this all-inclusive “hangout place”?

Take a look at 5 ways an employee engagement platform can help your employees celebrate this holiday season better.

1. Customize your homepage to reflect the festivity
Redesign your intranet homepage to reflect the festive mood.  You can customize your homepage based on the occasion and bring the holiday cheer to everyone this work-from-home holiday season.

2. Gather your team for the virtual potluck
Never say no to sharing your food:) Potlucks are very common when the festivals are around. Plan a virtual event for all your office members, ensure they are all dressed up, and bring home-cooked food to the virtual table. Potlucks can now involve family members as well!

3. Host a festive photo contest
Photography contests usually bring out the unusual, hidden talents of employees. So, to boost employees’ morale this season, host a photo contest related to the holiday coming up. Maybe a picture of the spookiest Jack-o-lantern they see, or perhaps a picture of the neighborhood kids trick or treating through the streets. And for Christmas, maybe a picture of the best-decked tree wins! – Let your employees partake in the season’s celebrations, even while working remotely!

4. Run a holiday quiz contest
Create different quizzes to keep everyone engaged and competitive this festive season, in person or virtually. Boost your employees’ confidence and morale by hosting contests on quirky topics – “Do Ghosts have feelings?” – just kidding! But that’s the point!

5. Bringing all your people together
You can list all the festivals that people worldwide celebrate and create an all-inclusive atmosphere where everybody feels the warmth. Spread joy and let your employees wish each other in advance by looking at this space that lists all holidays, including all religions and cultures. Whether it’s Halloween, Hanukkah, or Thanksgiving, celebrate everyone!

One tech that makes all the difference! The need for a good employee engagement platform this holiday season and in the days to come is inevitable. Our flagship Digital Workplace solution, PeopleOne, can help you in this process. PeopleOne has a proven track record in providing the below results for many organizations,

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  • Improved Employee Retention
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  • Increased Productivity

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Want to know more about how to make this holiday season better for your employees? Take a look at our webinar on employee engagement during this holiday season. Every employee counts!

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