Elevate Your Business:
Partner with PeopleOne
for Unmatched Growth

Elevate Your Business:
Partner with PeopleOne for Unmatched Growth

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Transform Communication with PeopleOne & SharePoint
Partner with PeopleOne, the leading-edge intranet built for today’s digital workplace. Leverage our collaboration with MS SharePoint to elevate your brand and boost your earnings. Join us in shaping the future of business communication and see your clients thrive.
With PeopleOne, gain the tools and insights to optimize your operations, improve client satisfaction, and capture more market. This is your moment to shine as a forward-thinker in your industry.

3 ways to Earn

Referral Partner
Provide a warm handoff to PeopleOne and receive a flat commission fee for every closed client.
Channel Partner
Bring prospects to Eleviant and assist in driving the sale. Over the life of the agreement, earn a pre-negotiated percentage of the Total Contract Value.* Subject to terms and conditions.
Value Added Reseller
Become a PeopleOne practice owner; we sell you PeopleOne instances wholesale, and you resell them to your customers on your paper. It’s that simple. *Subject to terms and conditions.

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