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Making the most of SharePoint: Leverage your current O365 license to create compelling employee experiences



Making the most of SharePoint: Leverage your current O365 license to create compelling employee experiences

Employee work experience is one of the top priorities for companies now. Realizing the need for better employee work experiences is critical to an organization’s success as it can substantially boost productivity and better the culture, not to mention improve the bottom line.

Virtual work experiences can succeed when employees are given the essential communication and collaboration tools. Although there are several different types of solutions available, intranets have one distinct advantage: they act as a digital enabler for employees to connect, collaborate and communicate effectively.

If you don’t already know, your O365 or Microsoft365 license can help you create an engaging Digital Workplace for your employees.

A comprehensive Digital Workplace that offers such compelling employee experiences is now more of a reality than ever before. Several global businesses, are looking for options to create that experience for their employees – Keeping them engaged and happy even in a challenging work environment, is wholly possible:

You can create a Digital Workplace Environment that offers seamless employee experiences with your existing Microsoft365 license.

You heard that right: Microsoft365 provides a wealth of options and capabilities by allowing to build such integrated intranet sites for your company. If you already have an Intranet, moving to a SharePoint based Digital Workplace solution opens doors for your organization to become more agile and fast.

Why SharePoint for a Digital Workplace? 

SharePoint’s significant benefits include its safety, security, HIPAA compliance, powerful permission management & content management. The platform also comes with a vast number of pre-installed features that may be complemented with new ones, allowing for new unique solutions.

You can also organize into teams within the SharePoint intranet site, such as HR, L&D, Finance, Tech, Sales, Marketing, IT, and create unique portals for specialized industries and organizations.

Advantages of a SharePoint Intranet: 

1.Multi-purpose functionality 

The main advantage of SharePoint is its versatility. The collaborative platform functions as an intranet, a company’s internal website for sharing information, work schedules, contacts, and other functions. Depending on the user’s status, administrators can award different access levels. Form-based solutions can collect vital business data directly from suppliers, customers, and partners via a web browser. Data validation standards are built-in, allowing accurate data to be sent to back-end systems and avoiding repeated entry.

2.Centralized management 

One of the most important SharePoint advantages is the ease of in-dept management. It has a central administration dashboard that contains all app management functions, system-specific settings, backup, restoration, and upgradation capabilities, setup wizards, and more. Employees can construct business intelligence portals that pull data from various sources and present it in dashboards, scorecards, web sections, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Even when several people view the same documents, private information may be preserved using single, centralized copies.


SharePoint has a variety of sophisticated and unique tools for customization to meet specific business requirements. You can adjust and merge the components to fit your custom elements, for the app’s UI to represent your branding and improve workers’ perceptions of the app. Custom qualities connected with your company’s brand may be applied across the whole user-experience journey.

4.Documentation management 

Microsoft SharePoint allows you to organize and make your company’s information more accessible. SharePoint’s main features include a faster information flow, mobility, and cloud storage accessibility. These features help employees to make better judgments, fulfil deadlines, understand and contribute to the company’s overall plan. On SharePoint, sharing files is as simple as clicking on a button.

5.Site Expansion 

You can consolidate all of your sites (shared work environments) into a single platform, reducing the expense of siloed site management. Internal teams can access and administer the internet and intranet sites because they have been consolidated.

6.Integrated Platform 

Microsoft SharePoint integrates seamlessly with your other business apps. Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint), MS Exchange Server, MS Unified Communications, ERP, CRM, and enables easy integration of technologies like extensible markup language (XML), simple object access protocol (SOAP), a plethora of strong application programming interfaces (APIs) and documents. Overall, SharePoint allows you to integrate your existing systems while also adding new applications in the future supported by all web-browsers.

7.Enhanced Security and Integrity 

SharePoint has a lot of security and integrity features built-in. New workflow upgrades and authentication advancements are among the new features. In addition, management of permissions, the ability to monitor all editing and updates made to any document, and several levels of protection both at the document and entire app level are some of the security and integrity aspects that make SharePoint an excellent collaboration platform.

8.Designed assistance and ease of usage 

SharePoint developers can construct solutions to match your company’s demands and business tools without requiring a professional developer’s involvement. It is created to be simple to use and maintain without the need for extensive coding experience. The application programming interfaces (APIS) for such jobs are available in SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server. SharePoint offers a relatively unified approach with sophisticated tools, feature set, administrative, collaboration simplicity essential for web-based app development and auto-updating.

9.Content Management 

You may create and schedule material for publication on a variety of websites and social media channels. SharePoint’s social networking features make it simple to share ideas, updates, and material. Users may upload Office documents to the platform and share them with others within and outside the company. 

10.Streamlines business process 

Data may be collected and organized in one place using a collaboration platform like Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint’s form-driven applications collect information from suppliers, communicate with consumers, and connect with partners and others. You can construct business intelligence portals and use dashboards, web components, and scorecards to present data. It will assist them in tracking and tracing consumer preferences and forecasting demand and supply variations.


SharePoint intranets have completely transformed how businesses use intranets and derive value from them. It has offered an opportunity to create more enriching experiences for the employee.

PeopleOne, our SharePoint-based Digital Workplace solution promises to offer enriching experiences through customizable interfaces and robust integrations, not to mention, seamless accessibility on mobile devices.

If you are looking for a robust SharePoint-based intranet solution, but don’t want to get lost in the nuances of the integrations, get in touch with our experts to know how PeopleOne can help you create a similarly enriching environment for your employees!

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