Create a Direct Line Between Your Leadership and the Broader Organization

Build Connections, Awareness, and Direction Through Content from Leadership

PeopleOne empowers your leadership team to effortlessly disseminate announcements and company updates throughout your organization.

Cut Through the Noise

Elevate the visibility of crucial messages by leveraging PeopleOne’s robust intranet capabilities for announcements and company updates. Unlike traditional email or direct message apps, our platform ensures important messages take center stage, fostering a more engaged and informed organizational culture.

Empower Content Creators

Our content management system (CMS) is built to be user-friendly, sophisticated, and versatile. It empowers leadership and comms teams to create, edit, approve, and publish content like announcements and company updates without the need for extensive technical knowledge. You will have comprehensive control over your content’s lifecycle, ensuring that the right information reaches the right people at the right time.

Location-Specific Messaging

Customize content to suit your target audience, such as sending tailored updates, news, and announcements to specific regions, offices, or teams. Features like content translation and targeted content make sure your message is understood by everyone, regardless of language or location.

Enterprise Analytics

See firsthand which content receives the most attention with PeopleOne’s custom analytics. Use this feedback to inform your internal comms strategy and see how your organization responds to different messages or content types.

Discover how PeopleOne can transform your organization