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Improving productivity and streamlining communication for both corporate staff and frontline workers

The Challenge

The client wanted to track the daily productivity of frontline workers in real-time and eliminate prevalent data synchronization issues. They also aimed to improve communication and share important information instantly to all employees, both corporate and frontline.

The Solution

A mobile and web solution for both corporate staff and frontline workers to track productivity and receive organizational updates in real-time. Delivered as a unified solution, PeopleOne is flexible enough to accommodate custom-built workflow solutions using Joget. Features like incident reporting and hazard forms improved workplace safety and efficiency. The platform streamlined communication, eliminated data inefficiency, enabled intelligent invoicing, and enhanced productivity.

Our Promise

We tailor the tool to fit your organization’s needs. All you have to do is plug and play.

The Timeline for Success

We understand your needs and work around your schedule

The client wanted more effective productivity-tracking and communication for frontline workers.


The client had an existing web solution that was ineffective at tracking frontline workers’ productivity in real-time.


A mobile & web solution to track productivity and improve communication for frontline and corporate staff.


Custom workflow solutions for time tracking, incident reporting, and safety training were built and integrated to enhance productivity.


The solution delivered improved data accuracy, streamlined communication, and increased efficiency of data collection, payroll, and invoicing processes. It also saved time managing data both on-field and in-office.

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