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Mitigating Remote Work Hurdles With an Integrated Digital Workplace

Most of us never saw it coming: the concept of working from home, full-time. For organization across the world, keeping employees connected, no matter where they are, has become an unavoidable prerequisite.

digital workplace solution that aids in communication and breaks down organizational silos, enabling employees to work together, from anywhere they are, sounds like a dream.

According to many industry reports, compared with the average, a highly engaged organization can see a 18% higher revenue per employee. 44% of workplaces have some form of digital workplace programs in place. You can get one too.

Join our experts, Ritwik Bose, Sr. Director — Technology Consultant and Raul Guerra, Director of Sales at Impiger, for this hour-long webinar, where they discuss the advantages of a digital workplace solution, how it can aid in communication, collaboration and connection, and how it is not such a dream, anymore.

In this webinar we will cover: 

  • New Normal Employee Experience: In this Co-Covid era, enable employees to work from home most effectively
  • Employee Engagement: How you can make Digital Workplace an essential tool to accelerate workforce productivity and retention
  • WFH Alignment: Aligning your intranet business case with wider business goals while working from home
  • Integrations: Are you wondering how your intranet might fit with Microsoft technology?

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