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Mitigating Remote Work Hurdles With an Integrated Digital Workplace

Most of us never saw it coming: the concept of working from home, full-time. For organization across the world, keeping employees connected, no matter where they are, has become an unavoidable prerequisite. A digital workplace solution that aids in communication and breaks down organizational silos, enabling employees to work together, from anywhere they are, sounds like a dream. According to many industry reports, compared with the average, a highly engaged organization can see a 18% higher revenue per employee. 44% of workplaces have some form of digital workplace programs in place. You can get one too. Join our experts, Ritwik Bose, Sr. Director — Technology Consultant and Raul Guerra, Director of Sales at Impiger, for this hour-long webinar, where they discuss the advantages of a digital workplace solution, how it can aid in communication, collaboration and connection, and how it is not such a dream, anymore.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • New Normal Employee Experience: In this Co-Covid era, enable employees to work from home most effectively
  • Employee Engagement: How you can make Digital Workplace an essential tool to accelerate workforce productivity and retention
  • WFH Alignment: Aligning your intranet business case with wider business goals while working from home
  • Integrations: Are you wondering how your intranet might fit with Microsoft technology?

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