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Leading in Crisis Times: Keeping Your Distributed Workforce Connected and Productive

Creating a remote working environment where people thrive and perform their best can be challenging. This webinar will enable you to develop a distributed workforce model that remote workers will find appealing while enhancing their productivity.

Remote working doesn’t mean more email
Companies across the world are adopting remote work as a necessary work model but many will experience hurdles and roadblocks in the process. Identifying the right remote workforce model for your business and culture can be challenging but not doing so could result in missed deadlines, poor or inconsistent communication, and less productive and engaged remote workers.

How Will This Webinar Help?
We will address leadership factors that promote a connected high performing distributed workforce including technology, tools, and behaviors that promote a strong productive work culture in the midst of crisis and distraction. You will learn methods that leaders can deploy to support their distributed team and keep them motivated, engaged and productive.

We are #Here2Help you:

  • Establish and reinforce a remote work structure that improves productivity while maintaining your team’s well-being and alignment with the company culture.
  • Help ensure communications are clear and consistent.
  • Equip your workforce with the right tools and set realistic expectations from them.
  • Include team building fun and engagement despite a remote workforce model.

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