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HR and IT: The Cornerstones for Increasing Employee Engagement

The last year has been a roller coaster ride, and the new normalcy or the Co-Covid era is here to stay. Since early 2020, we have seen IT leaders focusing on providing employees with the right tools & technology if they are working from home or anywhere and for HR leaders to ensure that employees are kept engaged between these lockdowns and shifts to remote work.

In a recent article, industry analyst and HR technology thought leader Josh Bersin, called COVID-19 “a business transformation disguised as a pandemic.” He shares, “Remote Work is not “going back” it’s an opportunity to “go forward.”

We no longer “go to work” or “come in to work” – we essentially “do work” wherever we are. This means there will be many new ideas yet to come, so keep your mind open. HR should partner with IT to create this toolset. You’ll be amazed how well these new systems work, and I would focus on integration above all.”

HR and IT: The Cornerstones for Increasing Employee Engagement:  We are conducting a Digital Workplace Webinar on how HR & IT leaders have improved employee engagement and experience through the pandemic. Our Digital Workplace consultants will share insights, approaches and steps on how to adopt a “Digital Workplace Platform” or improve what you already have.

In this Webinar, we’ll also discuss:

  • A Paradigm shift to a digital-centric workplace
  • How HR & IT partnering to boost digital employee experience
  • How can we better engage with employees
  • Where technology fits in
  • What’s next for digital employee engagement

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