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How HR & IT Can Deliver Compelling Employee Experiences in 2022

In a progressively connected world, organizations face the dire need to continuously evolve in order to adapt and thrive. With global disruptors such as the Pandemic of 2020, and technologies that are inducing a paradigm shift in the way we see the world, it is getting increasingly important, albeit difficult, to be able to predict what the future holds, and adapt.

In 2021, digital employee experience technologies & methods have proved to be critical in ensuring business continuity & employee engagement during an incredibly difficult year.

But, what about 2022?

For far too long, digital workplaces and intranet solutions have been made up of fragmented employee experiences and options that can leave employees, particularly frontline workers, feeling disconnected and unsupported. In this webinar, we’ll cover how organization pillars HR & IT are looking at Digital Workplace Platforms to deliver a compelling Employee Experience in 2022.

Key Takeaways:

  • Employee Experience: What global organizations need to do to keep employees virtually engaged and connected to each other in 2022
  • Employee Engagement: How an intranet supports employee engagement in an organization, and how it has evolved to overcome barriers of communication, specifically impacting work effectiveness and employee well-being
  • Community and culture experiences: How Intranets offer an opportunity to bring the community together especially when that connection is more virtual
  • The power of the Digital Workplace: What it means to wield the right tool to help in Engagement, Collaboration, and Storytelling.

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