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Enhancing Employee Engagement through a Modern Employee Intranet

Businesses are attempting to maintain & improve employee engagement levels in emerging hybrid workplace models. The truth is that each employee must be able to work remotely while keeping secure access to the organization’s most critical and trusted digital information from any location, and at any time.

Eleviant has set up an exclusive webinar to discuss the nuances of this emerging workplace dynamic, led by our guest speaker, Chris O’Day from LGA, LLP and our digital workplace expert, Raul Guerra.

Key Takeaways

Boost Communication Empower your entire team. Frontline and desk staff can confidently acquire information.

Engage your People- Encourage your staff to interact. Allow people to express your company’s culture.

Get Work Done- Empower your team to work faster. Use the Intranet workspace with ease.

Build Culture- Forums help foster social relationships. Assemble your team to discuss similar issues.

Find Right Information- Make the company a knowledge hub. People can easily access, manage, and recover content.

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Raul Guerra

Solution Director, Eleviant Tech

Chris O'Day

Marketing Director, LGA

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