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Digital Workplace: The Self-service Hub of Modern Logistics Operations

The global Logistics market was valued at USD 919.12 billion in 2020. The Transport & Logistics Industry’s pace of revenue growth in Q1 2021 accelerated to 21.49 % YoY, reaching a new industry high.

In the Transport and Logistics industry, it is essential that both desk workers and field workers are in absolute communication with each other; Enough to collaborate and meet the demands of transportation and warehousing of products, taking into account the large numbers of staff out on the road, managing and delivering significant volumes of stock.

Staying connected to a central command center is fundamental to these remote workers. In the Co-Covid period, several companies have introduced applications that help employees work efficiently without FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on critical information. But how do you offer all these applications uniformly under “ONE” experience? 2020 provided enormous challenges for Transport & Logistics companies to overcome, and 2021 promises to be no different. In preparation, business leaders must find ways to adapt their business processes to ensure agility and profitability in turbulent times.

As quoted by Carol Rozwell, VP and distinguished analyst at Gartner, “The digital workplace promises a more flexible, engaging and intelligent work environment that can exploit changing business conditions. But we cannot build a “successful” digital workplace in a vacuum. Instead, it must be part of a wider business strategy that seeks to boost employee agility and engagement by developing a more consumerized work environment.”

In this Webinar, we’ll also discuss:

  • Why every modern or traditional logistics business needs a Digital Workplace platform 
  • What Digital Workplace success will look like for Logistics 
  • Strategizing the digital roadmap – critical considerations in work technology 
  • What it takes to adopt a Digital Workplace platform. 

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