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Template for Remote Employee Success in Times of Crisis

Have you ever…

  • Wanted to find a better way to stay connected with your teammates, even if they are 3,000 miles away?
  • Asked your teammates for feedback on a document only to have five versions come back to your email inbox?
  • Wondered why some of your teammates seem to be out of touch with the level of urgency for a project?

If yes to any of the above, this webinar is for you.
Remote work may not be the first choice for many organizations, however, a recent Stanford Research Study, showed that working from home improves a worker’s performance by an average of 13%. So even in these times of crisis, enabling the success of your remote workforce can help improve organizational productivity. This is especially important for small mid-size businesses where a team of highly connected and energized remote workers can deliver results to help leapfrog your competition.

How Will This Webinar Help?
In this webinar we’ll introduce a series of steps you can follow to create a working environment that helps teams effectively communicate and collaborate with each other and with other teams. You will increase the likelihood that each remote worker will achieve success and you’ll learn some important early indicators of adoption and resistance.

We are #Here2Help you:

  • Follow a 3-step template that will help ensure your remote team is connected and collaborative.
  • Evaluate and select the right tools that meet your remote team’s business needs.
  • Design and build a remote worker environment that produces early adopter success and produces digital workspace leaders.

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