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How to Make a Compelling Modern Intranet Pitch to Leadership

Recognizing a pressing need for an intranet in your organization, yet uncertain how to sway leadership and board members? Then, this eBook is for you.

Modern intranets are user-friendly, interactive, and employ visuals and gamification features to engage employees. But convincing executives who perhaps experienced the early intranet era may require educating them on the vast potential that a modern intranet offers.

Gain insights on how to secure endorsements, tackle tough questions from management and board members, and leverage data to make your business case for an intranet. This eBook covers: 

  • Gathering the evidence
  • Researching audience
  • Crafting a compelling business case
  • More tips for making your pitch a success

A great intranet pitch is the beginning of the journey towards a more connected and efficient organization. Download the eBook now to discover how to secure approval.