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DIGITAL MATURITY REPORT: The link between culture and digital success

In the ever-changing realm of digital transformation and the modern workplace, it’s not just about the tools you wield; it’s about the culture you nurture. 

Our recent digital maturity report, which surveyed 877 digital transformation decision-makers, suggests a link between organizational culture and output from digital tools. It unveils a powerful truth that companies with a culture of innovation, risk-taking, and early adoption of new technologies were more likely to be successful in their digital transformation efforts. 

A staggering 77% rated their organization above average or excellent in having a culture of innovation and risk-taking. In other words, investing in people and culture is just as important as the technology itself.  

Delve into the pivotal findings of our report and learn,

  • The significance of IT & non-IT team communication, developing digital acumen in non-tech roles.  
  • Importance of workplace culture and engaging executives in digital transformation plans.  
  • Interesting survey stats supporting the link between culture and digital success. 

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