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Closing the Distance: How Modern Intranet Platforms Can Transform Construction Companies

The construction industry is no stranger to distributed teams. Often, geographic and time zone differences cause field workers to feel detached from central offices, leading to decreased productivity and morale. And a lack of project visibility can lead to delays, missed opportunities, and increased costs.  

A study conducted by McKinsey & Company found that construction needs to catch up to other industries in adopting new technologies to address these challenges. Some reasons for the reluctance to adopt technology can be concerns about the privacy and security of sensitive project data and the potential learning curve of employees who may be more comfortable with familiar ways of doing things. 

PeopleOne, a modern intranet platform for construction companies, can securely unite the workforce. And just like a physical hub, it provides a space for employees to store and share process documents, blueprints and more. It can also engage field workers, track project progress, streamline processes, and increase efficiency. 

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