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Unite Differences

Blending two organizations after a merger or acquisition requires balancing each organization’s strengths and encouraging collaboration. PeopleOne, our modern intranet platform, gives leaders the tools to communicate changes effectively, support employees during transitions, and improve collaboration between merged organizations. Boost your merger’s success with our expert post-merger integration consulting.

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Here is what our clients say about boosting their internal communication and engagement. 

"We are able to empower our internal users with the knowledge and tools that they need to perform all their day-to-day activities and more."

Rahul Kohli,
Lead of User Experience

"We wanted a positive tool for our employee engagement and thanks to the PeopleOne team for making it happen. Our CEO and employees love it."

Kate Clark,
Marketing and Communications Manager

Why PeopleOne

Bridge Your Cultural Divide

Encourage cultural exchange between both organizations by creating a space on PeopleOne – mergers and acquisitions platform  for employees to learn about each company’s culture, history, core values, and best practices. Organize virtual events that bring employees from both organizations together, and feature employee stories to help foster personal connections. Set up discussion forums for employees to discuss cultural practices, work methodologies, and more.

Effective Change Management

Minimize employee resistance to change by proactively addressing common concerns using PeopleOne through virtual town halls and leadership announcements. Create a dedicated section on PeopleOne to broadcast organizational structure changes, FAQs about the M&A and revised milestones. Encourage two-way communication by allowing employees to ask questions and provide feedback through surveys and polls.

Boost Employee Morale and Promote Well-Being

Support employees after a merger or acquisition by promoting their well-being, employee engagement, and transparent communication. Create a sense of community and appreciation through forums, virtual events, and recognition programs. Foster connections between people from both organizations by creating opportunities for them to interact. Promote wellness and help them adapt to change by keeping them posted on M&A updates and sharing mental health, fitness, and nutrition resources.

Build a Combined Knowledge Vault

Set up a centralized collaborative platform and encourage employees from both organizations to contribute their knowledge and insights. Consolidate valuable knowledge such as documents, policies, procedures, best practices in a secure, centralized knowledge hub and empower employees to gain new insights from each other.

Improve Employee Engagement

Improve employee engagement levels by communicating new opportunities and career development initiatives. Promote knowledge sharing by recognizing and rewarding individuals or organizations that actively contribute their expertise and create a positive environment that encourages others to follow suit. Build trust and transparency by communicating changes through leadership blogs, webinars, and interactive Q&A sessions and create a cohesive and motivated workforce. 


Facilitate leadership alignment by creating a dedicated platform for leaders of both organizations to communicate and collaborate seamlessly. Using PeopleOne, leaders can effectively share their vision, address leadership-related concerns, and foster open, constructive discussions that lead to informed decision-making processes. Integrate performance tracking tools and dashboards into PeopleOne to monitor team progress and gain visibility on performance metrics.

Make Your Organization a Great Place to Work

Businesses with effective engagement and communication were 3.5 times more likely to outperform peers

85% of employees agreed that they were most motivated when they had regular updates on organizational happenings

A highly engaged workforce can result in a 21% more profitable business

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